Ambassador Jr

Our resident dj/ Selecta Ambassador Jr. (Enrique Candioti) currently resides in Ojai, CA. (a beautiful place in case ya never been). Originally hailing from Argentina, Enrique had an Outernational upbringing thanks to his father’s ambassadorship for their native country, hence the moniker Ambassador Jr. We hope to bring you some footy of Enrique’s exploits as a free-style skater back in the day, soon..

While Enrique is not getting Freakay on the decks, he can be found doing research on Raw foods and producing the very best non-dairy frozen treat I’ve ever sampled in my life, Henry’s Frozen Delight, wish I had a quart right now….. But it would probably end up all over my keyboard.

Here he is wearing a MOREL HUNTER as organic insulation against the frozen depths of his frozen delight cart!

Posted By:Trev


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